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    Dear Valued Customer,
    We wanted to provide you with an update about the credit we have issued on behalf of your airline as a result of the COVID-19 crisis. Given the evolving travel environment, we continue working with our airline partners on certain aspects of their policies with the goal of simplifying the process of using your airline credit.
    Here is a summary of what we know right now:
    • Miyako Ishizuka holds a credit amount for ticket number 4213776621368 totaling ¥48760.00 for air travel with S7 Airlines.
    • Raymond Lay holds a credit amount for ticket number 4213776621370 totaling ¥59150.00 for air travel with S7 Airlines.

    • The original Expedia itinerary is 71006555989754.

    • Expedia confirmed, with our airline partner, that any applicable change fees on this airline reservation would be waived.

    Other helpful information:
    • The airlines are setting the policies for how you can redeem your airline credit.

    • Each airline credit is in the original traveler’s name; airline credits cannot be combined or transferred to another person.

    • Airline credits must be used for air travel, including taxes and fees, with the airline that originally issued the ticket. Airline credits cannot be used for ancillary services.

    Here’s what we’re still working to find out:
    • Credit validity: the dates for which you need to book and / or travel by to use the issued airline credit.

    • Any additional terms and conditions attached to your flight credit.

    We will continue communicating with you via email when we have further details about your airline credit. We will also keep this page updated with the latest information. Please ensure you review information in the COVID-19 section as it will be the information that is most relevant to your itinerary noted above.
    All of us at Expedia value you and are grateful for your business. We hope you and your families stay safe and healthy. And when you are ready to travel again, we'll be here, ready to serve you.
    The Expedia Travel Team
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